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The parent or guardian must come in to the high school from 8:30 - 11:00 or 1:00 - 3:00 and bring a picture ID

Sportsmanship Policy

DIAA Student Medical History/Parental Consent & Physical Form

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Athletic Events & Sports Schedules

Caesar Rodney High School Athletic Code

CRSD Sportsmanship Policy

            Caesar Rodney is proud to offer 37 competitive opportunities for students to add to their academic program.  We are members of the Henlopen Conference playing in the Northern Division, which is comprised of the larger schools in the conference.  We will also schedule many of the larger Blue Hen Conference and independent teams to add to one of the more competitive athletic programs in the state of Delaware. We have been traditionally strong in athletics throughout the years and students have the chance to experience success within programs that have maintained high standards for excellence.

            Our coaching staff is filled with a great combination of veteran and young coaches who have helped to fill our gym and trophy cases with multiple awards which recognize the achievements of each of our team members.  Each coach and program operates uniquely but always within the over-all philosophy of providing a positive environment focusing on the values of competition and sportsmanship.

            We intend on continuing with our successful ways and invite you to become a member of one or more of our athletic teams and experience the rewards of competing for and with the Caesar Rodney Riders!

Athletic Teams







Varsity Football

Varsity Wrestling


JV Football

JV Wrestling

JV Baseball

Freshman Football

Boy’s Basketball


Field Hockey

Boy’s JV Basketball

JV Softball

JV Field Hockey

Freshman Boy’s Basketball

Girl’s Soccer

Boy’s Cross Country

Girl’s Basketball

Girl’s JV Soccer

Girl’s Cross Country

Girl’s JV Basketball

Boy’s Lacrosse


Boy’s Swimming

Boy’s JV Lacrosse

JV Soccer

Girl’s Swimming

Girl’s Lacrosse


Boy’s Indoor Track

Girl’s JV Lacrosse

JV Volleyball

Girl’s Indoor Track

Boy’s Tennis



Girl’s Tennis






Boy’s Track



Girl’s Track

For additional information please feel free to contact:
Mike Schonewolf
Athletic Director